Mate Centers are players that take on the name of a "Mate Center". These players help one to "find love".

Mate Center

An example of a 'mate center'. (Mate Center character circled in red)

The mate center is usually a neon-colored canine or feline that usually sits in the middle of Bonfire Island, and advertises that they are there. Mate Centers have players sit in a circle, and to call a male or female to go to the center of the circle. If there is a case where someone "likes" them, (which is shown by going into the center of the circle, along with the first player) that player has an option to say that they pick them to be their mate, or to pass, which means they would not like to be mates with that person. If one passes, the two will return to their original spots in the circle. If the player picks, the two will exit the circle and will launch a roleplay, or a conversation.

Mate Centers usually keep their Caps Lock on, since the chat in the Bonfire Island scrolls fast due to chats, or extremely detailed roleplaying parties. Also, the Mate Center only says three basic lines, which are "(Character Name), MIDDLE!" and "PICK OR PASS?". In the event that the person fails to accept that person as a mate, the Mate Center will say, "SORRY, (Character Name)" and continue on with the program.

If the character picks the opposing character that "likes" them, the Mate Center will say, "CONGRATULATIONS!" or, "HAVE A GOOD LIFE". Mate Centers usually are filled with mainly wolves. In every Mate Center circle, one can almost certainly never find a feline, simply because felines are the species that is used to roleplay "The Lion King".