Aerial View of Lonely Cave
V1.15 Lonely Cave
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Lonely Cave is the first map every FH player encounters in the game, as it is the spawn point of every new character. This map is also the default home. If a player changes his/her home, clicking the "Reset Home" button on the Player Information changes the home back to Lonely Cave.


After the V1.15 update, Lonely Cave has been expanded to not just a literal cave, but a cave along with extra scenery (stepping stones, islands, mountains, etc.), as well as a small section dedicated to displaying official game rules and information for new players.

​​​​​​Before V1.15, Lonely cave was just massive cave that rested on a small island, sharing the Heightmap of the pre-V1.15 Bonfire Island and Ascension Island. The cave had two portals inside it, leading to South Pole and Ficho Tunnel

Screenshot 03142019 181218470

Portal to The Grounds

Outside the cave, there was a partly-submerged portal to Cape of Distant Worlds. Towards the side of the cave, there were steps leading to another aerial-themed map known as Ascension Island


  • You cannot see other players in the map, hence the name "Lonely Cave".
  • This helps to reduce crowd and lag, as it is the spawn map and is very small.
    Screenshot 03142019 181233627

    Portal to Cape of Distant Worlds

  • Originally, Bonfire Island was the spawn location and Lonely Cave was not around.
  • The original Lonely Cave shares its heightmap with Bonfire Island and Ascension Island.
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