Impressive Title (shortened to IT) was a feline / Lion King inspired game made by KovuLKD, also known as KovuWorks, in 2008. Impressive Title was originally a gift for a friend of KovuLKD's, which is where the first Impressive Title campaign comes from. The game ran from 2008 to about 2010, at which time Razmirz, the server host and current server host of Feral Heart, shut down the game and refused to put it back up as a demand to KovuLKD to fix bugs that users were exploiting in game.

KovuLKD had begun work on a new game, what was to be known later as Feral Heart, as a part of his portfolio; when Razmirz shut Impressive Title down, KovuLKD announced he would be making a new game to replace Impressive Title.

Impressive Title had several features, such as hunting to collect items to wear on your character, map making, and presets.

It was around 2011 that KovuLKD released the source code for Impressive Title, allowing for anyone with the knowledge and time to make their own Impressive Title server.