Bonfire Island
Bonfire Island
Bonfire Island
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Bonfire Island is one of the most popular maps of FeralHeart and originates from a Impressive Title map with the same name. However, the main version of Feral Heart does not include the namesake 'Bonfire'. It used to be the spawn map for FH until the V.13 update.


Bonfire Island is included in FeralHeart+ too, and it changes the scenery drastically. The island in both games is scattered with vegetation and has a small black portal to Ficho Tunnel in the 'Cliff'. Small rocks are scattered everywhere.


Perhaps the most distinguishable landmark of Bonfire Island is a large cave situated on the top of the cliff. There is a small rock cliff sticking out near the cave. This cave has usually lion roleplayers and more often, 'Lion King' roleplayers.


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Bonfire Island in FH+. (Click to enlarge.)

FeralHeart+ gives a whole new look to the island. The island has tropical vegetation, and large mountain-cliffs dominate the land. There is also a large bonfire in the middle of the island. The cliff leads up to a huge, towering, mountain with rock cliffs sticking out of it. At it's topmost cliff a waterfall starts and flows down the series of cliffs to finally falling over the shore on the largest cliff. Most cliffs have fires burning on them. The Ficho Tunnels portal is relocated to a cave at the top of the cliff into the mountain.


  • The most number of players online at the same map was at Bonfire Island.
  • Mate Center is an event that happens, mostly in the middle of the island. This helps players' characters find themselves a mate... or even a new friend. Anyone can become the Mate Center, if they make a character for it.
  • Before the spawn change, the island was very laggy and completely filled with characters almost everywhere.
  • Many events happen on this island. "Adoption Centers" are near the Ficho portal, and roleplays blaze across the island everywhere.
  • Staff are allowed to talk about their murrsuits and brandish their fetishes on public maps all they please. But don't you dare get a boner little Timmy!
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